8 Self-Care Activities That Fill Me Up As A Busy Entreprenuer

Practicing self-care as an entrepreneur can be a tough thing. There are endless distractions when you work from your phone and computer. There are emails streaming in, Slack notifications, new tasks being assigned — it can feel overwhelming at times.

Last week I caught myself working multiple times after when I said I'd stop. Friday I said I was calling it quits at 3pm and found myself opening my laptop back up because I wanted to get a project finished and couldn't let it wait until Monday. When you’re not practicing self-care it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and that can lead to feeling burnt out.

Another big reason that it’s important to practice self-care in the colder months for me is because it’s really easy for me to curl up and not want to do anything. By scheduling appointments to get massages and facials it forces me to leave the house which is sometimes exactly what I need to care for myself properly! It also helps me feel more productive and inspired by having conversations with humans in person.

Some of my favorite self-care tricks are:

  1. Getting a monthly massage. I’ve been treating myself to this a little more lately because I feel like it’s so worth it. I found an awesome massage girl and besides it feeling good, reliving stress, and being good for my body we have really great conversation!

  2. Getting a monthly facial. Same thing here, I love my facial girl and have so much fun when I go in to get pampered. I’m all about treating yourself!

  3. Hiring a bi-monthly cleaning service. Oh man is this a game changer! My boyfriend and I live with roommates and we have a messy dog so knowing the house will be thoroughly cleaned every other week is very satisifying. It allows me to do average clean-up after dinner and when Waylon makes a mess on the floor with his dirty paws but I always know it’s not that long until the cleaners come and make my life easier!

  4. Having a fire nearly every night. When I was searching for a house to buy I was determined to buy one with a yard and a real wood burning fire place, and that’s exactly what I did! Every night I love to sit in the living room with the fireplace lit and the TV on. It’s so cozy and it makes me feel so happy + calm.

  5. Having a group dinner with my friends at least once a week. I’ve basically lived with all of my best friends in Denver and since we no longer live together we make sure that we get together once a week (at least) to have dinner together. It’s so comforting to me having such a close group of friends who are so reliable.

  6. Always making sure I have my morning coffee + creamer. This is simple but it brings me joy.

  7. Practicing yoga. I wish I was better at consistently doing it but I always feel so good after some stretching my body and calming my mind.

  8. Taking care of my plants. I am wildly obsessed with house plants. I have over 35 and counting. Taking care of them and keeping them alive gives me a weird satisfaction. Going to the greenhouse and shopping for them fills me up, just like repotting them and watering them.

Practicing self-care eventually turns into a habit over time and is really good mentally to keep you productive throughout your business as an entrepreneur.

Becca MartinComment