September Social Media Content Prompts

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September Social Media Content Prompts

Each month I create and send out monthly social media content prompts. I send them to my email list and add them to my blog after the month is over in case you ever want to come back to them. If you’d like them prior to the coming month instead of after, you can sign up for my email list at the bottom of the page!

September 1

Share your biggest win from August! And of course share how you celebrated them!

September 2

Labor Day! A great day to share a little update or introduce yourself since (hopefully) most people are taking the day off to enjoy life!

September 3

Share how August shaped your goals for this month and what your new goals are.

September 4

Share a new promo you have or a new client win of yours.

September 5

Post about your promo again or freebie on your social channels and let people know why they NEED it.

September 6

National Read a Book Day -- share your favorite/most impactful business/mindset book you've read and why other's should purchase it.

September 7

National Beer Lover's Day -- share your favorite way to wind down after the first week of the month.

September 8

Share your Sunday preference - do you like to snooze in the morning? Do you like to prep for Monday? Tell the people some details about your Sunday.

September 9

Share a testimonial from the freebie or promo you posted about on the 5th. (Re-purposing content is our friend!)

September 10

Are you currently accepting new clients? Post about it or post about a wait-list!

September 11

Patriot Day -- you can choose to post about business, a "Never Forget" post or skip the day if it feels too personal.

September 12 

National Day of Encouragement -- encourage your followers about how your business has changed the course of your life and encourage them to keep following their passion.

September 13

Friday Introduction! You should do this once a month! You can share 5 facts about yourself, talk about how you got started, quirky things, etc.

September 14

Share how you're decompressing from the week.

September 15

National Online Learning Day! Great day to promote ANY online programs/ebooks/freebies you have!!

September 16

Share three pieces of the best business advice to kick off the week.

September 17

Share why people need you on their team and what you can do to help their business.

September 18

Bring up client wins again! Reference back to the original post at the beginning of the month.

September 19

Talk about a recent (or old) testimonial you received.

September 20

Share your secrets to transforming your business, if that meant hiring a coach, reading mindset books, giving yourself no 'Plan B' - share your success story!

September 21

Share what inspires you the most in life.

September 22

Share what gets you out of bed on a Sunday morning.

September 23

First day of Autumn! If you're like me your probably celebrating all things fall. Share how this change of season starts a new quarter and new goals for your business!

September 24

Bust a myth in your industry. Tell people with a captivating first sentence so they are inspired to click 'read more.'

September 25

National Women's Health & Fitness Day -- share how you stay healthy and your routine when working for yourself.

September 26

Talk about overcoming imposter syndrome in this business.

September 27

Remind your followers of your freebie/offers. You can post about it in your feed then jump on your stories and elaborate a little more.

September 28

Talk about the open spots you have coming up for October.

September 29

National Coffee Day -- are you a coffee or tea person on Sunday mornings?

September 30

Share how you're preparing for October!! You should also share any EOM promos you have going on, any open spots you have, what your availability looks like for the end of the year. Tell all the important details.