5 Places To Add Keywords To Your Pinterest Profile To Maximize Results


5 Places To Add Keywords To Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. It is a visual search engine, therefore should be treated as such.

Pinterest, like Google, uses optimized keywords to rank to the top. When you’re setting up your Pinterest profile, you want to make sure that you’re using keywords in five important locations to make your profile as optimized as possible.

Adding keyword research can be time consuming but it’s incredibly important if you want a Pinterest profile that converts to traffic (which is why we want to use Pinterest for business).

Using keywords on Pinterest is how you will find and connect with your ideal audience and customers.

Let’s dive in…

1. The first place you want to optimize is your profile name!

You get up to 65 characters and you want to be sure you don’t use all of that for your name/brand name. Put one or the other (maybe what people know more when it comes to your business) and then add a line to break up your name from your keyword title. Add a couple of highly searchable words to your title. To find highly searchable words you’ll need to do your research.


2. Your “about” section

You get up to 160 characters for your “about” section and you’ll more than likely use them! Make sure you’re writing more about what you do and who you help/serve. Don’t waste your word count with filler words. This is also an incredible spot to put a CTA. You get a spot to link to your website on your profile page but adding another direct CTA to a freebie is another way to capture new emails and get people on your list! For the about section, you’ll also want to use at least two keywords in there.

3. Your board titles

Let’s start by saying don’t be clever. Just like you should never be clever with your blog titles, you also shouldn’t be clever with your board titles or no one will be able to find them! You want to use names/titles that are highly searchable because again, Pinterest is a search engine! You ONLY want boards that are relevant to your audience. If you own a tech VA business, you don’t want a “Hairstyles” board. If you do, keep it private. You want your board titles to reflect your business/brand so that you attract the right pinners to your profile. Pinterest isn’t for you — it’s for your ideal audience, remember that.

Keep your board titles straight forward and serachable.

Some examples of my board titles are:

  • Pinterest Marketing

  • Client Management Tips

  • Virtual Assistant

4. Board descriptions

You get up to 500 characters for your descriptions. The way you do this is a little bit up to you but I highly recommend starting with one or two sentences about what the board is with keywords in the mix. You can keep it strictly keywords after the first intro sentence like in example one - Elizabeth Su Blog | Mindfulness, Overcoming Self-Doubt & Female Empowerment or you can keep it conversational by continuing to use keyword rich sentences like in examples two - Elizabeth Su Press & Features | Freelance Writing. As long as your post is keyword heavy it should still perform very well!

elizabeth 2.JPG

5. Pin descriptions

This is the last place that needs to be optimized on your Pinterest profile and just like your board descriptions you will also get 500 characters to use!

Start your pin description with the title of whatever you’re pinning (your blog post, your podcast show notes, your freebie, etc.) then let them know what they’ll get when they click through. I typically follow the CTA with the brand/name in case people are searching for a specific person once they create brand awareness. After the name, I follow it by more searchable keywords and sentences then 2-5 hashtags. These hashtags needs to be direct and straightforward, they’re not like Instagram hashtags.


That’s it! Those are all the places you need to optimize your profile for maximum results + conversions. This is the work that connects you to your ideal audience because remember - Pinterest isn’t about you!

Questions? Shoot me an email beccamartincreativeco@gmail.com!

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