June Social Media Content Prompts

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Free monthly content prompts for social media

Each month I create FREE content prompts for you and share them via my email list but after the month ends I’ll add them here, in case you want to come back to them.

June 1

World Reef Awareness Day -- World Reef Awareness Day is a call to action for humans to reflect on the delicate ecosystem of our ocean’s coral reefs.

Post a photo on you near a body of water with a caption about reefs.

June 2

National Cancer Survivor’s Day -- Share your story about how cancer has affected your life or someone you love

June 3

National Egg Day -- Share your fav breakfast containing eggs. Use #NationalEggDay when posting on social media.

June 4

National Cheese Day -- Wine + cheese anyone?!

June 5

Share your favorite mug! And if you're a coffee or tea person (it's important).

June 6

Post a #helpfulhint to your followers and share your knowledge!

June 7

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day + National Doughnut Day -- Share a photo of your favorite sweet treat!

June 8

National Best Friends Day -- Share a photo of your bestie or biz bestie along with a story of how you met and the impact they've had on your life.

It's also National Rosé Day for all my wine lovers, if you want to throw that in.

June 9

National Children’s Day -- A day to honor the children in our lives, National Children’s Day is a time to slow down our fast-paced lives, turn off the tech and refocus on the important things.  Taking one day may not be enough, but using it as an opportunity to redirect our family’s lives may be an important step in a child’s life.

June 10

National Iced Tea Day -- sweet tea or unsweetened?!

June 11

A day in the life! Share what it's like to be YOU.

June 12 

Everyone's favorite ice breaker (or online dating bio) -- share two truths and a lie! Ask your followers to guess which is which. You can also do this on your story with voting!

June 13

While it's technically National Weed Your Garden Day, post a photo of your plants instead or you in nature!

June 14

International Bath Day, share how you like to relax after a stressful day or week with your followers and ask for tips they have on relaxing + calming anxiety.

June 15

Share something you can't live without!

June 16

Father's Day! Share a photo with your father or someone who was like a father to you and how their impact helped you get where you are today.

June 17

It's National Eat Your Vegetables Day. Talk about how you maintain your health while working from home or running your biz while also having a busy life! Or ask your followers for their tips!

June 18

It's National Splurge Day, talk about the last thing you splurged on for personal growth and development.

June 19

Share your happy place! This could be anywhere. Maybe it's the airport, or camping, or in your bath tub. Whatever it is, take a pic and share!

June 20

Pitch your product or service! Seriously, do it and feel no shame!

June 21

First day of summer! Share your favorite summer activity or ways you stay motivated to work in the summer months.

June 22

Share the story behind your business name! If you don't have a business name then simply share the story of how/why you started your business.

June 23

Hydration day. Share your favorite water bottle or favorite drink to keep you motivated throughout the day.

June 24

Share something you're thankful for and express gratitude.

June 25

Ask your followers for advice with something that's going on in your personal life or in your business. You can also ask an open ended question to get some engagement going.

June 26

Share your favorite quote! You can do this in the caption with a favorite photo.

June 27

Share a random fact (or 5) about you. People are nosy, give them info!
June 28

Share what you do for your clients and why people should hire you.

June 29

National Camera Day, share what you use to take them if you do your own photography or your fav stock sites!

June 30

It's social media day! Share your favorite social media tips for your followers. You can also share where else you are on social media.


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