August Social Media Content Prompts

August Social Media Content Prompts

August Social Media Content Prompts

Each month I create and send out monthly social media content prompts. I send them to my email list and add them to my blog after the month is over in case you ever want to come back to them. If you’d like them prior to the coming month instead of after, you can sign up for my email list at the bottom of the page!

August 1

Share your biggest win from July! And of course share how you celebrated them!

August 2

Share how July shaped your goals for this month and what your new goals are.

August 3

It's International Beer Day and a Saturday! Coincidence? I think not. Share you weekend drinks and how you relax as an entrepreneur #bottomsup

August 4

National Friendship Day! Tag your biz besties in your post and how they've inspired and helped you throughout your business journey.

August 5

Post about a promo or freebie on your social channels and let people know why they NEED it.

August 6

Share a testimonial from the freebie or promo you posted about yesterday.

August 7

Post about your favorite online tool you use for business. List out how it benefits you and share why others should use it.

August 8

National Happiness Happens Day -- share how being an entrepreneur has changed you life for the better and allowed more happiness in your life.

August 9

Book lovers day -- share your favorite business book and explain why others need to read it!

August 10

Share how you spend your Saturday. People are always into your personal life!

August 11

Offer a quick tip for preparing for the week ahead.

August 12 

Talk about how to create an irresistible offer and attracting the right clients.

August 13

Share three expert tips with your audience from your zone of genius.

August 14

Write about a new platform you've just started using or learned about. See if your audience has tips about it. If you haven't found a new platform, rave about one you use and love.

August 15

Share tips about working from home and how you stay motivated throughout the day and at the end of the week.

August 16

Re-introduce yourself for #FounderFriday. You should do this once a month! You can share 5 facts about yourself, talk about how you got started, quirky things, etc. Whatever you're feeling but people LOVE to know who you are.

August 17

Share your why.

August 18

Share one thing you can't live without.

August 19

Talk about your mindset growth! What changed for you to get there?

August 20

Share your secrets to transforming your business, even if that includes a mindset shift that you talked about yesterday.

August 21

Talk about the importance of using your own voice, not trying to mimic other people's styles or businesses. The importance of being authentic to attract the right clients.

August 22

Share an example of client work you've done or a testimonial you've received about why you're awesome to work with!

August 23

Bust a myth about your industry (or about IG since everyone's always complaining about the algorithm).

August 24

What inspires you?

August 25

Share a behind-the-scenes photo of your work space/projects.

August 26

Share encouragement and positive inspiration with your followers today. 

August 27

Remind your followers of your freebie. You can post about it in your feed then jump on your stories and elaborate a little more.

August 28

Answer a question that you get asked frequently in a post.

August 29

Share a story about how your business has helped someone else and made their life better.

August 30 + 31

Share how you're spending Labor Day weekend. Since it's a holiday, engagement is typically slower so you can either skip one day or post stories of your fun weekend!


I share new monthly content prompts for your social media channels every month, to get them prior to the month sign up below!