July Social Media Content Prompts

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July Social Media Content Prompts

Each month I create and send out monthly social media content prompts. I send them to my email list and add them to my blog after the month is over in case you ever want to come back to them. If you’d like them prior to the coming month instead of after, you can sign up for my email list at the bottom of the page!

July 1

Share your new business goals for this month! If you don't do monthly goal setting, now is a great time to get into the groove and what better way to hold yourself accountable than to publicly share?!

July 2

Share what you do and how you impact the lives of others.

July 3

Share the one way you keep yourself focused and productive with a holiday tomorrow.

July 4

Independence Day! Share what freedom as an entrepreneur has done for you.

July 5

Yesterday was a holiday (and hopefully you had some fun!), share how you practice managing your work-life balance.

July 6

It's the freakin' weekend! Share how you're diving into this sort-of holiday weekend.

July 7

Share a behind-the-scenes post or story! People love to know what you're doing to prepare for the upcoming week. Any preparation hacks are always welcomed.

July 8

What is one thing in your morning routine that is non-negotiable for you and how does that prepare you for the work day? (Helloooo, coffee!)

July 9

What's the number one thing you've learned in your business?

July 10

National Pina Colada Day -- share your current paradise! Bottoms up!

July 11

Share the one aspect in your life or business you wish you had more knowledge of, ask your followers for tips.

July 12 

Post a #FounderFriday post and reintroduce yourself to your followers with some fun facts

July 13

Share how you decompress on the weekends away from work

July 14

Share a #SundayRead that you're currently reading (or a book you want to read next)

July 15

National Give Something Away Day -- this could totally be your freebie! Share, share, share your freebies!

July 16

#TipTuesday -- share your favorite business tip you've learned

July 17

World emoji day! Share your favorite emoji in your caption and ask your followers what their favorite is.

July 18

Get to know your customer day, so ask your followers a question. Maybe share some fun facts about you and then ask them to share one about them.

July 19

Share a testimonial from one of your clients for one of your products or services, some #selfpromo is a good thing!

July 20

Toss away the "could haves" and "should haves" day. It's a perfect day to share some motivation about your journey. Talk about all the things you once let hold you back and how you overcame them.

July 21

It's a summer Sunday, ask your followers fun questions - what's their fav ice cream flavor, fav vacation destination, frozen or on the rocks margs, etc and share yours too!

July 22

Share someone you really look up to or your biz bestie.

July 23

Share what your 1 or 2 year life/business plan looks like and don't be shy!

July 24

What are your favorite ways to simplify your business? Automation, anyone?!

July 25

Post your favorite inspiring quote or affirmation that helps you feel motivated.

July 26

Give a hint of something you're working on. It doesn't have to be a launch that's happening soon, but give a teaser of what you're working on.

July 27

It's national love is kind day, share a photo with someone you love who has done nothing but encourage you on your business journey. Make sure they know how appreciative you are!

July 28

If you could tell your younger self anything about starting your own business what would it be? What would you tell yourself now?

July 29

Last Monday of the month, what are you doing to prepare to dive into August?!

July 30

Share your biggest win this month or what your biggest takeaway is

July 31

National Mutt Day! You already know what to do ;) Puppy pics all around!


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