Maybe In Another Life We'll Be Together


Maybe in another life, I wake up next to you and you kiss me good morning as you look over at me with sleepy eyes.

Maybe in another life, we have a cute little log cabin like we always talked about with a mountain-themed interior and a fireplace, and if we're really lucky a lake out front for the dog to swim in.

Maybe in another life, you love breakfast just as much as I do and we can dance around the kitchen like they do in the movies and sit at the table we never used to eat pancakes. Maybe in another life, we get to be together and it'll be forever. 

Maybe in another life, we don't walk away so hurt because we figure it out. Maybe I'm not so doubtful and you're not so distant. Maybe we are the perfect mix of flaws and we don't dig into each other where it hurts. Maybe your past doesn't haunt you so much and my insecurities don't eat me alive. Maybe in another life, we're actually good for each other. 

Maybe in another life, we work out and we're happy and feel that sense of comfort we so desperately wanted to find in each other. Maybe in another life, we get it right.

But not in this life, here we don't make it and I've finally accepted that. 

In this life, we don't get our happy ending because things don't always work out like you hope they do and sometimes we hurt the people we love the most. Sometimes love isn't enough as much as you want it to be and there's nothing you can do to get out of the mess you've created.

Maybe in another life we get our chance.