I understand the social impact of bloggers and social influencers, and how you’re doing your damn thing to change the world (and your lives!)

I get it. This world is hard to navigate sometimes. There are so many brands and so many bloggers who want to work with those brands but there’s no need to stress about that! I focus on getting you in front of your DREAM brands. I aim to promote the things you truly love and that appeal to your audience.

I’ve worked with bloggers for over two years now and I understand how time consuming the back and forth can be, and that doesn’t even start until you hunt down the right email address.

Let me help ease some of the tension off of you by being your right hand through navigating blogger and brand relationships.

My process is straight forward. I will be your point of contact, as well as your brands, to cut down on your inbox overload. I will manage the relationship, remind you of deadlines, help you organize your content calendar, and help negotiate the best deal for you.

I help you manage the communication with brands for sponsored collaborations and opportunities.

If you’re ready to dive into this process a little more, let’s chat.