Social media is not everyone’s thing, I totally get that! And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be your thing.

As a social media content creator, I’m here to allow you to spend more time doing what you love (and what you’re good at) in your business and less time tying to figure out the latest IG algorithm.

I will manage everything for you from creating simple graphics in Canva, finding the perfect stock photos, and creating a cohesive theme to create a beautiful feed.

Complete Management Packages include:

  • Writing 5 posts per week mimicking your style and voice featuring topics you’d like covered

  • Matching copy with beautiful photos (stock or your own)

  • Simple graphic creation (up to 10 per month)

  • Up to 30 researched Hashtags per post

  • Scheduling content in Planoly (or scheduling tool of your choice)

  • Custom designed story post to match daily content and encourage followers to view your post (additional $250/month)


Engagement with other accounts

  • Answering DMs

  • Commenting on similar accounts posts

  • Going through similar hashtags and ‘liking’ posts

  • Following similar accounts

  • Community engagement

  • Replying to stories of similar accounts

Investment for content creation: $475 a month

Investment for engagement: $350 a month (*not available without content creation)

Investment for content creation + engagement: $775 a month


* Custom packages available


 Maybe you’re on the right track, but you just need a little bit of inspiration around how you translate your passion for your work into content for social media.

In this made-for-you bundle, I will put together for you:

  • A 30-day content prompt calendar designed for you to create posts dedicated to your target audience

  • Two sets of 25 custom researched hashtags

Investment: $175 a month

One more thing….

If you’re looking for a cheaper option without content being customized to your audience and brand, I have a guide in my shop with 100 content questions to help you create captivating content to engage your audience.