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"No matter what people tell you, ideas and words can change the world."


Becca Martin

Becca Martin is a Denver, CO based freelance writer, blogger, content creator, author and social media manager.

She is the co-founder of Drifting Gypsies, an online store and blog based around travel and adventure. 

At her previous employer, Thought Catalog, she wrote over 750 articles totaling over 22.4 million pageviews and edited/produced over 3.6 million pageviews. Several of her articles have gone viral. She has also worked on campaigns for companies like eBay, Bumble and Brita

She has written for several other publications including YourTango, The Odyssey, Unwritten, The Financial Diet, LOVE TV, Betches and more. 


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email: becca3martin [at] gmail [dot] com